The Albert Einstein Hoax

Albert Einstein is one of the world’s most recognizable faces and is well known from the child up to the adult. He is known best for his advancement of the famous relativity theory which is one the pillars of modern physics. Recorded history tells us that he was solely responsible for his incredible discoveries. The “Einstein” myth has been grained into society so much so that images of him spark the cliche of what intelligence looks like. This along with the famous formula of  E = mc 2; the theory that ties Energy to mass and the speed of light. It is an ideal narration of a rise from the ashes ; a sloppy student who didn’t do well in school and expected to amount to nothing to becoming a world famous scientist responsible for the core foundations of modern day physics. This could be further from the truth.

Theory of Relativity

To the naive masses, Einstein is the poster child of what a genius is.  He was born in Germany and was of Jewish origin, serving only to advance the Zionist agenda of making it appear that this was one man who seemed super human would coin theories that would turn the world upside down. With information now more readily available than it is then, as well as new tools, the avid mind upon further research would discover that most of his work was plagiarized and that he was not responsible for little if any of the theories. Einstein was in actuality being propelled into the limelight by the powers that be into a Jewish “Isaac Newton”.

Albert Einstein once admitted : “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right, A single experiment can prove me wrong.”

The French physicist Henri Poincaré developed the theory of relativity one year before Einstein did. Unlike Einstein, most of Poincaré’s work centered around lab experiments. Einstein tended to rely on mathematical as opposed to physical laws and on inductive leaps rather than accumulation of evidence to support said theories through conclusive lab experiments. The final form of general relativity was published in 1916. However, most of Einsten’s work was based on what others did. The Wikipedia page on the theory of relativity acknowledges this as well.

Henri Poincaré

In 1905, Paul Ehrenfest considered Lorentz’s 1904 paper on special relativity and Poincaré 1905 Rendiconti paper on space-time to be the most significant work, historically and scientifically on the subject of principle of relativity. Lorenz derived transformation equations that underpin the theory of special relativity. Ehrenfest and his wife attended David Hilbert’s Gottingen seminars on electron theory, which had described both Poincaré’s and Lorenz’s work on special relativity and both knew that Einstein did not create the theory of relativity.

Paul Ehrenfest wrote to Einstein on 09 December 1919,

“I hear, for ex., that your accomplishments are being used to make propaganda, with the ‘Jewish Newton, who is simultaneously an ardent Zionist’ (I personally haven’t read this yet, but only heard it mentioned). But I cannot go along with the propagandistic fuss with its inevitable untruths, precisely because Judaism is at stake and because I feel myself so thoroughly a Jew.”

Ehrenfest wrote to Einstein that he heard that the Zionists were using Einstein to promote the myth that he was a Jewish “Newton”. Ehrenfest was tortured by the fact his “character” would not allow him to participate in the dishonest promotion of Einstein to the public. He had believed, and rightly so, that it would be destructive to the Jews. He committed suicide in 1933, a year of course of in significance to the elites. Whether he was assassinated during this year, or did take his own life may never be fully known to the public.

The component work on Einstein’s theories that make the most sense were based largely on the works of George Fitzgerald and Hendrick Lorentz, both theoretical physicists. The prominent Irish- American professor of sociology John Murray Cuddihy, stated that Einstein’s physics as being motivated by a desire to distort science and promote pseudoscience rather than to redefine and advance the same. Dayton C. Miller, president of the American Physics Society, as well as Herbert Dingle, president of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society disagreed with almost all of Einstein’s theories.

100 prestigious Austrian and German scientists contributed to a book entitles to “Hundert Autoren Gegen Einstein” whereby they denounced him of leading science to into the realm of pseudo- mysticism, abstraction and speculation.

The theory of him of being used as a propaganda tool can be capped by the fact that he produced an article for TIME magazine which was entitled “Why Jews are Superior”. The fact of the matter is that Einstein was ‘marked’ as a genius by the media and most of his works was built on the backs of other theorists and physicists of his day.

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